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MSCS identifies four qualifying tournaments that are open to any team eager to participate. The top teams from each region will clash to establish regional dominance and secure an all expenses paid trip to the MSCS finals. Each tournament promises to be a highly competitive middle school event.


Every team, regardless of their size or affiliation, is invited to participate in these tournaments, encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the competition.


The tournaments are designed to allow teams to establish their dominance in their respective regions, fostering a high level of competition.


The top teams from each region secure a spot in the MSCS finals, providing a clear and exciting pathway for teams to aim for.


Winners at the regional level are rewarded with an all-expense-paid trip to the MSCS finals, underscoring our commitment to the athletes and their journey.

About MSCS

The Middle School Championship Series (MSCS) is a groundbreaking organization committed to elevating youth basketball. We provide a unique platform for middle school grassroots basketball teams to showcase their talent, gain recognition, and develop their skills. Our independently sponsored tournament format is the first of its kind, aimed at identifying and celebrating the top teams across the country.

We believe in inclusivity and competitiveness, partnering with four MSCS qualifying tournaments open to any team eager to participate. These tournaments offer an opportunity for teams to establish their regional dominance and a pathway to the MSCS finals. Winners from each regional tournament earn an all-expense-paid trip to the finals, setting the stage for an electrifying championship event.

Our dedicated committee members travel the length and breadth of the country, attending top travel circuit events to identify the best teams and players from each grade division. Our finals event is a grand culmination that brings together top teams from across the USA under one roof for a weekend of high-octane competition.

At MSCS, we're more than just a basketball organization. We're a community committed to fostering growth, sportsmanship, and a love for the game among young athletes. Our ultimate goal is to spotlight the nation's best and provide them the exposure they deserve. We look forward to another thrilling season and hope to see your team on the court soon!

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